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Why We're the Top Kitchen Remodelers in Boston

Genuine, all-American values are hard to find in kitchen and bath remodeling companies these days, but Risk Free Home Improvement promises a worry-free, stress-free kitchen or bathroom remodel, with stunning results every homeowner is sure to love.
You Can Trust Us ✔
Have you ever been scammed by a kitchen renovation company that demanded full payment before they ever even started work? Those types of companies rarely care if they get the job done right if they even complete their promised work at all! There are so many untrustworthy, money-grubbing contractors out there and our mission is to shed light on the problem and provide a solution.
Keep 50% ✔
When you hire Risk Free Home Improvement, you keep 50% of your money until the job is done. Unlike other kitchen and bath remodeling contractors that want full payment up front, we ask for a mere 25% down payment when you sign your contract, and 25% when the cabinets arrive. You hang on to a full 50% of your money until the job is completed.
No Pressure ✔
We know how difficult it can be to decide to remodel a kitchen or bathroom, so we avoid high-pressure sales tactics that demand a quick choice from customers. We're also one of the few Boston remodeling contractors who lock in their prices for a full year, so you don’t move forward with your kitchen or bathroom remodeling project until you and your family are ready to commit!

Who We Are

The Boston Remodeling Contractor Who Literally Wrote the Book on the Industry!
Real, old-fashioned American values start at home, which is precisely where the company’s president, Sean King, learned the importance of hard work, honesty, and a job done right. Sean began working with his father and grandfather, two of the top rated kitchen remodelers in the Boston area, before he was even a teenager, learning the skills needed to keep his customers happy, each and every time.
The Ultimate Guide To Hiring The Right Contractor book
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"We had our kitchen redone including removing a wall to open up the space. Sean and his team are the best. Their designer John had some great recommendations including the wall removal. The carpenters Joe and Bill were really nice to our dogs and our young son Robert. They kept the space spotless during construction and they finished ahead of schedule."


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Sean-King-Risk-Free-kitchen-remodeling-bostonSean King


One thing Sean also learned was how many low-rate general contractors in Boston worked hard to scam their customers! High-pressure sales tactics, inflated pricing, and cheap and quick substitutes; Sean saw it all and knew that he wanted no part of how those local kitchen designers operated. From a young age, Sean vowed to bring his family’s old-fashioned American values back to the kitchen remodeling industry. 

Sean was so determined to keep sleazy sales tactics out of his kitchen remodeling company and the industry as a whole that he wrote a best-selling book about how those other contractors operate, “The Ultimate Guide to Hiring the Best Contractor”! In its pages, Sean gladly reveals all the dirty little tricks he saw and learned about while growing up, so anyone who wants to hire kitchen and bathroom remodeling contractors knows what to look out for, and how to avoid being taken advantage of!


The old-fashioned values you’ll find at Risk Free Home Improvement go back many decades! The company’s founder, Russell King, remembers well an experience he had after returning home from World War II when he needed to hire a Boston renovation contractor to do some work on his home.
The contractor he found took Russell’s money and never showed up to finish the job.
While he was able to track him down and get him to follow through on his promises, Russell never forgot his anger and simple disappointment at being scammed, especially after having served his country so faithfully for so many years.


Ever since he was scammed by this sleazy contractor, Russell vowed that he would start a kitchen remodeling company that treated its customers with respect, as he didn’t want anyone to go through what he and his new bride lived through those years ago.

Those values, of respect, honesty, and hard work, and of living up to your promises, became the foundation of Russell’s new home remodeling company in Boston. Because of those values and of how Russell insisted his customers be treated, he proudly saw that little business grow to become one of the most successful contracting companies in the city!

Risk Free Guaranteed doesn’t pride itself on being the cheapest or even the fastest Boston remodeling contractors, but they do take great pride in keeping their all-American values alive throughout these last few decades, including their commitment to hard work, honesty, integrity, and respect for customers that is second to none. When you’re ready to have your kitchen, bathroom, or any room of the home remodeled to your exacting standards, with guarantees that can’t be matched by anyone in the industry, you’re ready to work with Risk Free Guaranteed, the top general contractors in Boston.


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