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You Need Custom Cabinets for Your Kitchen Remodel in Boston

Kitchen Remodeling Boston
When planning a kitchen remodel in a Boston home, be sure to consider custom cabinets, rather than generic cabinetry purchased from a big box retailer. Adding custom cabinets to a proposed renovation or new kitchen design will provide adequate storage for everything needed in the kitchen, and create a cohesive, upscale design that will make your kitchen space truly your own!
Adding Storage With Custom Cabinets

Adding Storage With Custom Cabinets

Many homeowners plan a kitchen renovation for a Boston home specifically to add some much-needed storage in that space. While generic cabinets might offer some added room, custom cabinets ensure that you have a place for everything in the kitchen, including small food packets, awkward countertop appliances, and tall storage containers. Adjustable interior shelves also allow you to make room for oversized wine glasses, beer steins, and the like!

Custom cabinets added to your Boston kitchen design can also provide storage for your needs in particular; for example, you might want a large lower cabinet for storing oversized bags of dry pet food. For someone who loves to cook from scratch, deep lower drawers with built-in storage containers provide a spot for potatoes and onions, flour, and so on. Custom cabinets in a kitchen redesign can also hide unsightly recycling bins, cleaning supplies, and other such items that you don’t want in plain view!
Planning a Full Kitchen Renovation in a Boston Home

Planning a Full Kitchen Renovation in a Boston Home

Rather than settling for a few new appliances and surface materials, consider a complete kitchen remodel for your home. A full tear-out gives our design experts a blank slate, on which they can create an entirely new kitchen. Full kitchen remodeling for a Boston MA home then allows them to add new, custom cabinets that fit your needs and your design taste in particular!

For example, you might you might love the look of a European style kitchen, with deep earth tones and extensive detailing along cabinet and drawer fronts. This type of look can be difficult to recreate around your home’s current kitchen. Tearing out the kitchen makes room for new, custom cabinets that offer the style you love.

Personalize Your Kitchen Remodel in Boston With Custom Cabinets

Custom cabinets can add style and storage to your planned kitchen remodel, and a few added details to those cabinets also make the space truly your own. For example, if you like both traditional and modern styles, consider oversized hardware for your cabinets; bold metal against warm wood combines traditional with modern designs for a unique look! Glass door fronts on your custom cabinets can also keep a kitchen space open and airy, and allow you to show off your best serving platters, teapots, dishes, or glassware.

You can also add personality to your Boston kitchen design by choosing two-tone cabinets, with different color shades for upper versus lower cabinetry. Soft close doors and drawers also keep your kitchen quiet! Whatever your needs for storage or style, custom cabinets are the best choice for any kitchen remodel in a Boston home.
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