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Our Favorite Countertops for a Kitchen Remodel in Boston

Kitchen Remodeling Boston
New countertops for a kitchen remodel of a Boston home can add warmth and elegance to your kitchen space, or make the area seem lighter, brighter, and cleaner! High-quality countertops included in your new kitchen design plans can also offer a cleaner surface for food prep and cooking. Today’s counter materials are more durable and more beautiful than ever before! Check out this quick list of some of our favorite materials for new kitchen countertops so you can discuss your options with our skilled and knowledgeable kitchen contractors.
Why Choose Quartz for Your Boston Kitchen Design

Why Choose Quartz for Your Boston Kitchen Design

Quartz countertops include a mixture of stone remnants along with a small bit of plastic resins or adhesives. Using stone waste to create this engineered stone keeps those materials out of landfills and also reduces the amount of virgin material needed for new counters. Quartz is naturally resistant to stains, burns, and other such damage, and requires little to no sealing or other maintenance over time, which is why it’s a favorite choice with many of our clients for their kitchen redesign.
Granite Is a Favorite for a Kitchen Remodeling in Boston

Granite Is a Favorite for a Kitchen Remodeling in Boston

Granite has long been a popular material with homeowners, as this stone is very dense and durable and offers lots of natural detailing and shine. The deep color of granite also helps to offset stainless steel appliances and white cabinetry. Granite does need consistent sealing to keep it strong; otherwise, it’s a beautiful choice for your Boston kitchen design.

Soapstone for Something Unique But Durable

Soapstone is a very dense and durable material that is naturally resistant to bacteria, making it an excellent choice for countertops. Soapstone comes in a range of natural gray shades that work well with any modern kitchen remodel in Boston, and which can add some warmth to white cabinetry. Soapstone also needs very little maintenance, and a quick polish with household mineral oil can restore its natural, original shine! If you’re looking for something natural but in a grayish rather than cream or green color family, let us show you our range of soapstone countertop materials.

Marble for a Classic, Upscale Look

Marble countertops are a classic choice and work well with a European style kitchen as well as a transitional style, blending both traditional and modern looks. The naturally light color of marble creates a clean and bright look in the kitchen, while its veining adds a delicate splash of color. Because marble is such a classic choice, it can even add value to your home when you opt to have us include it in a complete kitchen remodel.

Tile Countertops for a Large, Long Space

If your kitchen redesign includes large, long countertops, you might opt for tile versus a stone slab. A long stone slab can sometimes look a bit overwhelming, whereas individual tiles help to break up an expansive countertop. Our kitchen contractors can show you a variety of tiles that work well as countertops and which are dense, durable, and resistant to germs and bacteria, and which will still complement all other features in your kitchen remodel of a Boston home.
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